Friday September 23, 2016

Rolf Nordahl - Aalborg University at CopenX, September 2016

Virtual reality technologies have existed for more than half a century. Knowing their development as well as understanding the human senses and their interactions facilitate the creation of meaningful simulated experiences. In the Multisensory experience lab at Aalborg University Copenhagen for the past ten years we have been exploring the possibilities and limitations of the senses using technologies to simulate visual audio and touch. We are interested in applications of virtual reality that have a benefit to society, such as bringing people to places where they cannot physically go, rehabilitation of people with disabilities and use of virtual reality for training and exercise.

Rolf Nordahl is Associate professor in media technology at Aalborg University and co-director of the multi sensory experience lab together with Stefania Serafin.

His PhD thesis defended in 2010 explored presence in interactive virtual environments. 

He has been involved in several European projects including the EU funded project Natural Interactive Walking, exploring how to allow to experience VR by real walking.

His interest in VR started in 2005 when he was involved in the EU funded project BENOGO (being there without going), where visually and sonic scenes were captured in real places, and delivered thought head mounted displays. 

His research lies within presence and interaction in VR, cinematic VR and evaluation techniques for VR.


Digital, VR

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