Wednesday September 21, 2016

Anders Bo Pedersen - The Eye Tribe at CopenX, September 2016

Next Gen Input Modalities in VR/AR. Today, user input in VR is mainly driven by head position tracking and handheld pointing devices. Question is, if these controls are the most intuitive way for a user to interact in VR/AR if such experiences are ever to become truly ‘immersive’? In this talk, Anders Bo Pedersen will present some of the ‘next generation’ VR/AR input controls currently in the works globally. He will give a detailed presentation of eye tracking in VR and discuss how this technology combined with other emerging VR/AR technologies is part of a truly multimodal virtual experience. Lastly, he’ll give his view on what the next generation of VR/AR devices might bring in regards to user control.

Anders works with emerging technologies and explore their role in immersive digital experiences. He was an early adopter of mobile development in the 00’s and have now shifted his focus to what he believes is the next technological breakthrough, VR/AR.

Today he works with VR/AR input modalities at THE EYE TRIBE. The Eye Tribe is a Copenhagen based startup developing eye tracking technology for integration into a wide range of products like mobile devices and VR/AR headsets. Eye tracking in virtual environments enables features like intuitive interaction, gaze driven optical effects and foveated rendering.

Anders holds a M.Sc from the IT University of Copenhagen, is the founder of several startups and plays an active role in the local startup community.


AR, Digital, Technology, VR

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