Monday September 26, 2016

Julie Heyde - VRUnicorns at CopenX, September 2016

@VRUnicorns is a group of passionate and quirky VR game jammers located around Europe. #SelfieTennis started as a typical one-day-jam-game and ended up as a HTC Vive launch game a few months after. #SkiJump started as a two-day-jam-game made as an ode to Thorsten/A MAZE Festival. #Archery started as a two-day-jam-game at a Vive Jam in Copenhagen. This talk is about the blood, sweat and rainbow infused development process of @VRUnicorns’ games from jam to launch.

Julie Heyde is a game jammer with a crush on semi-realistic VR sports games with a twist of dark humor and brutality. Working on #SelfieTennis, #SkiJump, #Archery & #RAGNAROKvr as the #ChickenBitch of @VRUnicorns. Raised in VikingLand and fueled by beer, mushrooms and rainbows while flying with unicorns and riding on wolves.


Digital, Gaming, VR

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