Tuesday September 20, 2016

Kristian Emil Andreassen - Kanda at CopenX, September 2016

In this talk we are going to look at how 360 video and VR can be used to support decision makers understand situations they are far removed from. We will look at what influences decisions and why emotions matter just as much as the facts. We will bring in examples from collaborations with WHO in how they are using VR to bring decision makers right on the ground.

Kristian Emil Andreassen, founder of Kanda, 
started his entrepreneurial journey 6 years ago trying to bring games into the educational and healthcare sector. Having worked on various projects within these fields gave a great starting platform when VR reemerged onto the scene 2 years ago. Now he is steering Kanda into this bright unknown and has recently been exploring the use of VR Films role as a tool for documentation with WHO. 


Digital, VR

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