Thursday June 20, 2019

Video Analytics: How to Harness the Full Power of Video Through Data

Only 33% of marketers have their video data integrated into their tech stack. With a majority of website data now coming from video, it's essential for any marketer to integrate their video data and learn how to properly analyze it.

The success of video marketing is dependent on your ability to measure success in achieving your business goals. If you achieve your goal of getting one million video views, great! But what about the other insights that can be gained from analyzing video data, such as audience engagement and conversion attribution? Harnessing the true power of video data to make more informed business decisions takes a deeper understanding of video marketing.

In this webinar we'll cover:

- Video analytics fundamentals and how to go beyond vanity metrics

- Examples of how video analytics have shaped decision-making and strategy

- Best practices and real video analytics use-cases

- How to utilize video data to power your marketing strategy and lead scoring

About Steen Rasmussen

Steen Rasmussen is an international speaker recognized as a leading authority on digital analytics. His work as a data-driven digital marketing evangelist has earned him 3 nominations as "World's Best Analytics Practitioner" by the Digital Analytics Association.

Steen is also a co-founder of one of Europe's largest analytics and online marketing bureaus, IIH Nordic, and he is also responsible for driving the largest analytics event community in Denmark, Web Analytics Wednesday.

About Christoffer Larsen

Christoffer Larsen is the VP of Marketing at TwentyThree, The Video Marketing Platform. Previously, Chris worked in marketing leadership roles at Wunderman and in Copenhagen. With a focus of making a significant revenue impact at global B2B SaaS companies and top digital agencies, he has driven tangible growth through data-focused campaigns and channel optimization.

About Christopher Kjærulff

Christopher Kjærulff is a Digital Campaign Manager at the Danish high-end brand, Dynaudio, where he oversees social media, digital content, and campaigns. He’s the co-creator and host of Dynaudio’s successful Ask the Expert series, and host of Dynaudio Unheard - an ambitious project to help unheard musicians break through the sound barrier. Before joining Dynaudio, Christopher worked at Grundfos with focus on its global social media efforts. He holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Communication from Aarhus University.

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