Monday January 06, 2020

How to Leverage Video Across The Buyer’s Journey

Regardless of the techniques, only 50% of enterprise marketers prioritize delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Join us for this upcoming webinar on February 27, 4:00 PM CET, where Eric Keiles, CMO at Square 2 and Christoffer Larsen, VP of Marketing at TwentyThree will share their tips, tricks and best practices on how to use video across the buyer's journey.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

- Latest video marketing trends and research
- How to leverage video to fast-track leads through the buyer's journey
- How to use video marketing automation to deliver the right messages at the right time
- Best practices and use-cases of videos
- Revolutionising the buyer's journey. A new framework: The cyclonic buyer journey
- How to deliver a better customer experience

About Eric Keiles

Eric Keiles is a leading sales and marketing strategist, author and a marketing methodology pioneer. Eric, along with his business partner Mike Lieberman, coined the concept Reality Marketing™ to describe how businesses can utilize cost-effective inbound marketing tactics to achieve dramatic revenue growth. He is leading the revolution in how entrepreneurs change the way they think about marketing their companies. MarketingSherpa has called him a “original and contrarian marketer.”

About Christoffer Larsen

Christoffer Larsen is the VP of Marketing at TwentyThree, The Video Marketing Platform. Previously, Chris worked in marketing leadership roles at Wunderman and in Copenhagen. With a focus of making a significant revenue impact at global B2B SaaS companies and top digital agencies, he has driven tangible growth through data-focused campaigns and channel optimization.

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