Tuesday June 07, 2016

The Big Stuff that we’re Seeing Now is Sharing with Smaller Groups

Constance Scholten, CEO & Co-Founder, Camarilla

Constance Scholten is CEO & co-founder of Camarilla – a discreet photo messaging app to share your life with the fifteen people who matter to you most. Constance chose her love of the internet over her studies in law very early on. She became a partner at Van Beuningen & Partners at 23, after which she was Commercial Director at TravelBird. During this time, Camarilla was born, and Constance oversaw its evolution from idea to reality. Now, Camarilla is at the centre of everyone’s attention, with a growing and active global user base. More passionate than ever about her work, the present is bright, and the future is even brighter, she says.

Constance is an entrepreneur who is passionate about human behaviour, technology and innovation. Her driving force is to make a constructive difference to the world. She is focusing on developing talent and strives to play a meaningful role in inspiring others to follow their passion in life.

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