Friday June 24, 2016

Unit testing Umbraco

Automated tests for software has become the de facto standard for professional development. For web and apps as well as traditional software. Using the best CMS out there is no excuse.

This session will show you how to write tests for the bits and pieces developers most often write for Umbraco.

  • We'll start out by looking at unit testing in general, the different camps, and a bit about what to test and how to do it.
  • There'll be a short introduction to code coupling and dependency inversion. Why it matters with Umbraco, and how mocking and stubbing can help us out.
  • We'll look at the core's current status and how to lean on the core test library.
  • We'll go through testing the most used base classes in Umbraco
  • We'll have a look at also unit testing our backoffice UI code (JavaScript)
  • When you walk out, you'll have no excuse for not automating your testing.

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