Wednesday September 22, 2021

Marketers' Guide to Run Successful Webinars

In this session, execution is in focus. We have five experts ready to share their learnings on what it takes to execute a great webinar.

  • Patrick Prammann has taken lead generation at Implement Consulting Group to the next level, with a major focus on lead generation. In this session he will share what it takes to create 200 webinars with 30,000 participants in just 1.5 years.
  • At Ignite, the mission is to maximise the ROI. Their Content Repurposing Expert, Lewis Spearman will help you unlock your content’s full potential with the power of repurposing.
  • With his award-winning agency experience, Michael Barber will talk about how to use webinars as an effective and cost-efficient marketing tool.
  • Geoffrey Brown, who is the Webinar Manager at GoDaddy, is an expert in how to run successful webinar programs and he will share he's expertise around just that.
  • Lastly, Jeremy Stinton, Head of UK at TwentyThree, will talk about how integrating data flows with your CRM can deliver valuable audience insights to the rest of your martech stack.
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