Tuesday June 28, 2016

How we run the Umbraco Open source project

Have you always wondered what it looks like in the kitchen of Umbraco when we "cook" the software you love? Then this session is for you!

If you've ever built a piece of software for a client, you know it can be a complex task. There's multiple stakeholders who are all interested in getting their wishes implemented in the end result and there's schedules to live up to.

On a daily basis the team who builds Umbraco needs to plan and prioritize all of the wonderful community contributions. From bug reports to pull requests, new feature ideas and occasionally some hate (turn that frown upside down!), we juggle it all, even though it may look like there might be too many cooks in the kitchen.

This session features a special guest star appearance from Blake Smith (http://helloblake.com/) who will send her first pull request live on stage. She'll show you how easy it is for a "newbie" contributor to improve Umbraco and offer her awesome changes back to us for inclusion in the next release of Umbraco.

What's in it for you? By understanding how we work you'll know how to best get our attention at getting your awesome ideas added to Umbraco. As an added bonus, this empowers you to not only help yourself but improve the lives of all the hundreds of thousands of people working with Umbraco on a daily basis!

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