Tuesday October 04, 2016

MailChimp's Todd Dominey on consistency, tone of voice and video

Todd Dominey shares what's on his mind at the moment: How to create consistency in user experience across every single point their users comes in touch with their product. Their challenge is that everyone in MailChimp needs to share the same tone of voice, so that the user feels that experience anywhere they meet MailChimp; in social, in an email, on a mobile device -- being consistent wherever they are.

"Video is something MailChimp is trying to get better at and working on. Video is becoming increasingly important in search, especially how to's. 
Video represents a greater opportunity for us in communicating our brand and its personality. When you write you're limited to the voice and tone of the article, what you sound like in a written piece." 

What they want to get better at is how to make video more a part of their product. Instead of linking people away to the documentation; what they really need is a video that pops up in the more advanced application to quickly explain what this feature is about so that the user can assess if this feature is useful to them.

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