Wednesday February 05, 2014

How do Actions work?

In this video you will be given a qick tour of how Actions work with TwentyThree. 

We've all seen great examples of how interactive videos can tell better stories and increase viewer engagement. But such examples are usually created for a single campaigns instead of using the possibilities systematically.

With TwentyThree's intuitive interface you can add text, photos, other videos, products and much more into your video within the matter of seconds. To save time, a set of actions can be applied across multiple videos at the same time.

Actions let everyone in the organization enrich videos with call-to-action info, links, images, videos — and even product integration. You can also create new kinds of actions to fit your company's use of video in marketing and communication.

A major challenge of online video has been to connect video to the bottom line, because marketers haven't been able to measure how video views convert directly into business. Instead they've settled for just measuring plays and little else.

Actions with TwentyThree changes this by connecting the videos to the rest of your web content. By cross-linking to related content, by integrating your product catalogue and even by tracking usage from the first video view to the ultimate sale.

With Actions, a powerful content marketing strategy also becomes an efficient conversion funnel for your web site.

  • Show products on video timeline
  • Fully trackable in analytics
  • Works across devices
  • Perfect for content marketing

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