Wednesday May 11, 2016

How Automation and Artificial Intelligence Will Influence our Lives

A unique festival with the internet as the focal point
Internet Week Denmark is a week-long festival that celebrates the internet.

The festival is open for all, just like the internet is an open platform for all - including (digital) professionals, students
and citizens. During the festival five tracks are explored to demonstrate the influence the internet has on the business
world and our everyday lives. The five tracks are: business, technology, marketing, creative and citizenship.

Activities and events throughout the week includes debates, workshops and hackathons with great opportunities to
learn, converse and look at the newest trends within each area - both work-related and privately.

The digital space has a broad range and at Internet Week Denmark everything from drones to digital learning merge
together into one festival.

Time and place

The festival takes place May 9 - May 13, 2016 in and around Aarhus.
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