Friday October 21, 2016

Exploring Design Impact Intro

Companies that use design outperform companies that do not use design. And companies that use design strategically, earn more money than those companies that only use design as styling products. It shows several studies conducted over the last 10-15 years both at home and abroad.

There is still a large group of Danish companies, where the use of design can trigger a growth potential. And one can assume that one of the barriers to investing more resources in design is the lack of data and knowledge on how the investments are home. Therefore put DDC focus on the value of design for Danish companies with a new project 'Exploring Design Impact'.

In collaboration with DI stands DDC opposite to initiate a new measurement with updated figures on the value of design in Danish companies. But the project will also, as a new highlight how investments in design performed and how design can be managed, organized and anchored in enterprises in order to maximize value.

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