Friday May 19, 2017

One Day Out 2017: "Full stack anxiety" by Joel Califa

I´m a designer, so I should probably learn responsive patterns, methods for remote user testing, Sketch, motion graphics, Framer, keep up to date with current design trends, and a million other things. I’m a developer, so I should probably learn SVG animations, Node or React or Ember, BEM principles, new web inspector features, Vim or at least better Sublime workflows, and a million other things. I’m also a human being, so I can’t possibly learn all these things. I have to choose. So… what do I choose? Full Stack Anxiety is that creeping doubt, when you just don’t know what the right choice is. Do I grow as a designer or do I grow as a developer? As a manager, a teacher, a business-person? In this talk, we’ll explore the feeling, the current state of the industry, and how to figure out where to grow.

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