Wednesday December 07, 2016


Over a little more than a year, Silicon Vikings has had two great events on VR, with a US and global focus. But we now thought we would focus more narrowly, and see whether the Nordics can follow up on their considerable success on the gaming front in recent years (with great exits, and lots of growth) and build globally competitive VR companies. We know lots of interesting things are emerging, and this session will highlight the most interesting and innovative developments, and we will have a panel discussion with VR industry leaders (see below). We will also have a number of short pitches by some Swedish VR companies, and our panelists will give them some brief feedback.


    • Guru Games--an independent game developer working out of Skövde, Sweden. Creating exceptional experiences and memorable games. Leaving players with more than a short action extravaganza -- CEO, Daniel Ström

    • Mostly Harmless Games approach is all about creating an experience worth remembering. Making fun and memorable games easy to learn as they are easy to enjoy -- CEO, Alexander Milton

    • Stenkross Studios is a VR game studio with very strong technological competence, we work with high end tech to develop innovative, fun and technologically advanced games for VR platforms -- CEO, Jimmy Malmer

    • Lone Hero Studios is an young indie game developer studies from Skövde, Sweden. We create fast games that makes you think on your feet --  CEO, Jiro Yoshida

    • ThingLink--Over 3 million publishers, teachers, and students use ThingLink's editors to add an information overlay to images, videos, and since 2016--virtual reality. With a growing database of interactive virtual tours and lessons, a large, unique set of image interaction data, ThinkLink is developing new models for 360 degree web navigation -- CEO, Ulla Engeström

    • Upknowledge--We create immersive Virtual Reality learning solutions for training and marketing. Leaping beyond simple 360 videos, we use game development techniques on the new generation of inexpensive, gaming-focused hardware to revolutionize the professional learner experience -- COB, Timo Lindqvist


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