Friday August 11, 2017

Nick Popoff, Engineering manager at Eventbrite

Testing our way to Good, Better, Best @ Eventbrite

Our team has been experimenting our way to a new pricing and feature assortments strategy for event organizers. I'll share how we used A/B testing in our onboarding flow to learn what would work, and the twists and turns on the way.

Speaker: Nick Popoff is an engineering manager at Eventbrite, where he works with teams focused on organizer growth, pricing, and event access control technology.

Notification Volume Optimization @ Pinterest
In this talk we will cover some of our latest progress on using machine learning to globally optimize email / notification volume for each user to improve user experience and drive site-wide engagement.

Speaker: Dr. Bo Zhao is a machine learning engineer / tech lead at Pinterest. Previously he worked at LinkedIn and Microsoft Research. He has published more than 20 papers and regularly served as program committee members at top machine learning / data mining conferences (KDD, WWW, VLDB, SIGMOD, etc.)

Hot air balloons, the Big Bang, and other things that expand
This talk will cover the story of expansion at Atlassian. It will cover approaches that Atlassian has taken to increase the natural expansion rate of users between our different products, some of the interesting results that we've seen, and the tech we use to achieve this.

Speaker: Josh Devenny is a Principal Product Manager at Atlassian. He's been at Atlassian for 6 years, and has spent time as a PM on JIRA and HipChat. He now spends his time in the core Growth team looking after the Growth Platform teams.

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