Upgrading Your Webinars with Pulp and TwentyThree

Thursday August 26, 2021 09:00 AM Europe/Copenhagen

It is time to upgrade webinars to the next level.

Join us on June 17th for the launch of the new TwentyThree Webinars and get ready to scale up your webinar efforts with Pulps insights and usages.

The original TwentyThree Webinars was a revolution. Instead of static slide-sharing and audio, we moved webinars to be all video, produced and mixed straight from the browser. The result was a more engaging and professional experience.

What was once groundbreaking is now the new normal in the era of the video. So, with the new release of TwentyThree Webinars, we’re redefining what’s possible - once again.

Our Finnish Partner Pulp Agency will share their insights on how they design and produce successful interaction between brands and people through webinars. Pulp will show you how they engage target groups through digital and physical encounters.

With his expertise in webinars, the Senior Product Manager of TwentyThree, Claus Tørnes will in this webinar provide insights into the new features of TwentyThree Webinars 3.0 and how you can use them to your advantage.

Join our release webinar on June 17th at 09:00-10:00 CEST for the launch that will help you scale up your digital event strategy.

Sakari Liljeblad
COO, Pulp Agency Oy,
Sakari is a planning-minded account leader and producer with a passion for content with 25 year history in events. Sakari’s experiential work has mostly revolved around global technology events and engagements, and he has gathered experience by designing and managing projects in NAM, EMEA and Asia.
Panu Melajarvi
Producer, Pulp Agency Oy,
Panu started his career in event management in 2005 with Red Bull. He joined Pulp in 2008 and has around 1000 events under his belt as producer. During last 8 months he has organised over 80 webinars and virtual events using TwentyThree Webinars.
Claus Tørnes
Senior Product Manager, TwentyThree
Claus is a Senior Product Manager within Webinar and VMP with professional interest and experience within product management, marketing automation and imaging.
Casper Pedersen
Partner Manager, TwentyThree
Casper's mantra is: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” And for the last couple of years, he's worked on educating agencies and marketers all over the world to believe in the same mantra, especially when it comes to video. Many people and organisations still see video as a creative marketing tool and don’t necessarily see the huge business potential and impact of video. But by collecting video data and understanding your video analytics, your video content has the potential to grow to a whole new level. You can use all the insights about your audience to improve your video content and grow your ROIs on video in the end. All in all, Casper's passion is to help and educate others to perform better and video is one of the biggest marketing potentials right now.

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