The TwentyThree Keynote: Video is Now

On Thursday, May 30, we took a leap forward in making video now in the annual TwentyThree Keynote. This webinar covers:

🤖 New AI tools from TwentyThree: CoProducer, Translations, and Transcriptions

✅ The TwentyThree AI Manifesto, taking a stand against fake video and putting ourself squarely in #TeamReal

The Video Agency Model, a framework to develop your video agency

📹 The Video Innovation Workshop, a tool to innovate with video to allow video change makers to drive the agenda

📱 The TwentyThree App: Your company’s video library in your pocket

⭕ Web Video, TwentyThree now has everything to build video-driven websites

📷 TwentyThree Webinars5 and a sneak peak at Episodic Webinars and FocusMode 

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal
CEO & Co-founder, TwentyThree
Steffen Fagerström Christensen
CTO & Co-founder, TwentyThree
Julius Altenburger
Product Manager, TwentyThree

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